Digital Wing



Dynamic shots

Tired of static perspectives? We change perspective for every shot. We also offer smooth camera movements that emphasize the action. We find the most interesting looking angles without missing a moment.


Thanks to our state-of-the-art and lightweight equipment we're not stopped by crowded events or rural places that are hard to reach. The Swiss Alps are where we feel at home. We're well networked within the community of filmmakers. On demand and with your approval we'll bring in further experts. We do everything for the shot.

Available light

The atmosphere in your nightclub or the ambience during the moonlight scene are decisive for the success of your event. For the film crew this means harsh and unfriendly lighting conditions. We preserve this special vibe without unneeded heavy lighting equipment.

Aerial perspectives

Using modern drone technology, the sky is the limit. Well executed aerial cinematography will make your event shine in a whole new dimension. Thanks to our adaptable workflow we seamlessly integrate the newest video technology.

Editing and Effects

Whether it is an action packed commercial or a frugal documentary, our experience in 2D and 3D visual effects can enrich your production. When it comes to giving your project the finishing touch, we offer an individual soundtrack as well as enhancing the footage with a vibrant colour grade.


Whether it's a commercial you're planning, a concert, a music video or just about any other event, we're looking forward to working with you. Our process begins with an initial conversation with you, during which we note down your basic expectations and conditions. With that information we'll create an individual offer. Of course we'll stay in direct contact during the realization of your project.

Go ahead and send us an to get started!


We're a small studio based in Bern and Zurich. Filmmaking is our passion. We started working together in middle school, and have been practicing ever since.

Our workflow is simple yet efficient, which allows us to finish projects in a relatively short amount of time. Our most recent projects include:

Recent Projects

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The Crew

Be it a DV camcorder or a modern movie camera, Fabian has always felt a bias towards the moving image. If he can't be found he's most likely out hunting for locations in the mountains.

After taking up photography in 2012, Pascal kept trying to find out new ways to capture motion in a still image. Whenever possible, he's always happy to bring in knowledge from some of his other favourite activities, such as computer science or music.